Friday, October 30, 2009

Ulta gift with purchase

I normally do NOT like to give Ulta my hard earned money.  Their website is barely navigable at times,  and their phone customer service is among the worst.  Two years ago, their website told me I couldn't sign up for their rewards program because I didn't live close enough to an Ulta.  I didn't care to care enough to pursue it too avidly, but it was still annoying.  Also, the sales people at the Ultas I've been to are either snooty or uneducated about the products.  Thank goodness I've always lived near either a good Sephora or a BE Boutique. 

Probably the most effective way to protest any kind of store you dislike is to not spend money there.  But once in a great while, Ulta has a BE promotion that is just too good to pass up.
Ulta Gift with Purchase

They currently have a gift with purchase that is a full size eye primer, full size gloss, full size limited edition shadow, and a cosmetics bag.  You can get it by spending $44 on BE at Ulta or

I ended up buying a Rare Minerals Nighttime treatment from Ulta because the value of the lip gloss and eye primer together were more than I'd save at any Friends and Family sale.   Obviously, this promotion is only worth it if you use those things, which I do. 

I gave Ulta slightly over $60.  Even though it was a good deal, I still feel a little like I gave my money to the devil.

Photo credit: Ulta email

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