Saturday, November 7, 2009

Candy cocktails!

I bought Candy Cocktails at the boutique on Thursday.  I was so surprised to see it there because I did not think it was going to be available until later in the month.  The shadows in this kit are minis.  I will say it again - they are minis.  I know some people don't like the mini jars, and a lot of the time it's just not clear what you're getting.  I swatched the colors on BE eye lid primer.  The picture on top was taken without flash and the one below was taken with a flash.  (L-R: Long Island Iced Tea, Mojito, Kir Royale, Strawberry Daiquiri)

The colors are all named after drinks, though I have no idea what a Kir Royale is.  Long Island Iced Tea is an amber brown similar to what brown sugar looks like (not the eye color, the actual sugar).  Mojito looks like a light green, but it's darker than Nice Pear and probably slightly lighter than Magnetize.  Kir Royale is a lovely purple that would look great as a liner or a crease color.  It has a few hints of brown in there too.  Strawberry Daiquiri is the perfect pink.  I've been looking for a lovely pink for so long, but I think this is it.   All the colors have great color payoff and just the right amount of sparkle.

Really, the best part of the kit is just how bright the colors are and how different from each other they are.    

The kit also comes with a miniature brush, which I have not used yet.  It's just too cute to use!  I think I'll put it with my other mini brushes and just drool over them.

Oh!  I almost forgot!  I noticed something really great with the sifters in this kit.  I hope they change this for all the minis and regular eye shadows in the future.  Look at the picture.  Look at the sifter hole size!  The jar on the right is from Candy Cocktails, the jar on the left is from another kit.  When I store these colors on their sides, so much less spills out and I don't worry so much about excess spilling out when I tap the color out into the lids.  This is just great!  I think I will write BE and let them know how much I like the new sifters.

Cost:  The kit is $28.  I love the mini jars.  I can't say it enough.  I love them.  The box and brush are adorable, and the colors are bright and vibrant, so if you're looking for an affordable color pick-me-up, this is the perfect kit for you.  I feel like BE comes out with a lot of neutral eye shadows, so when I see a kit with bright colors, I pounce on it if I can.  I don't think the cost is prohibitively high, though I did get it with store credit, so it didn't feel like I was paying for it. I definitely think that if you have money for something special, you should strongly consider this!

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