Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fall/Holiday Newness - Part II (the expensive kits)

Sephora - Pure LuxuriesThree more expensive kits are out or are coming out this fall/winter.  They are much more colorful than the kits in the previous post and they are full of hard to find colors.  Sephora has Pure Luxuries (pictured above).  The thing that kind of stinks about this is that Sephora doesn't have sample jars out for display.  I really wanted to check out the blushes, especially since that hot pink blush in the picture looks scary.  The eye shadows are minis and the blushes and radiances are in small jars.  The train case is adorable though, so if you don't have any of these colors and you want that train case, it's actually an amazing deal.
QVC - Bare Treasures
QVC has Bare Treasures.  The pictures are so-so; watch the video if you can.  The video is what really sold me on this kit.  I don't have a single one of these colors and based on some lovely swatches, most of them look like colors I'd use.  The jars come out to ~$4 a piece, which is pretty much the most I'd pay an actual retail outlet for one of these, though to be honest, I've never done the calculating for the smaller kits with minis.  Dropping this much money just makes me want to calculate how much each piece costs so that I can justify the purchase.  Anyhow, they're all mini shadows.  I bought this kit and QVC says that it shipped yesterday, but the delivery date is 11/13/09.

Why in the world is it going to take two weeks?  I bet UPS will hold it hostage for two weeks.  When I lived in the Bay Area,  I had packages that would arrive at the Richmond facility after three days, but UPS would keep it until the 5th day.  I called about it once because I was so irritated and they said that packages from the east coast were supposed to take 5 days, so they were going to keep it until the 5th day.  What the heck UPS!  I'm going to have to forget checking the tracking number on this one.  It will be too frustrating.  I'm pretty excited for this kit.  I'll do an actual review when I get it in my grubby little paws.

The boutiques are going to get Wealth of Beauty.  It isn't out yet, but it's slated for November's preview night.  I have three or four items from the kit already, so I didn't really consider this kit.  Also, at $89, it's the most expensive out of these three.

Photo credit: Sephora email, QVC email

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