Monday, November 30, 2009

I strayed!

I hope everybody had a good Thanksgiving holiday.   I had purchased the Customizable Lip Case from a friend who works at a BE store elsewhere and the package arrived on Tuesday.  She wrapped it so beautifully.  The lip glosses and the case are being divided up into various presents.  BE also has a new stamp card design (couldn't get my computer to upload the picture for some reason)!  They are so cute!   The cards are printed on slightly thicker paper than the original cards, which I hope translates to higher durability.  The stamps they use on the cards are little, tiny hearts too!  I love it!  I was hoping for something that could be tracked online so that if you lose your stamp card, you don't lose the credits, but I guess that's something to hope for for the future.

I spent a lot of time over the extended weekend watching makeup videos on YouTube.  It's like crack. 

I ended up being convinced that what I needed was the Urban Decay Book of Shadow volume II.  I was not at all attracted to volume I because of all the popups, and because of that, I didn't even bother paying attention to this year's.  Palettes are my other weakness.  If anyone I know is reading this and you are ever stumped on a present, get me some sort of a face palette.  They're a good way to try shadows and blushes that other companies make AND I'm sorry to say, they are much easier to travel with than BE.  So I wandered over to Sephora on Sunday only to be told that not only were they sold out, but most stores were also sold out and the only place you could be guaranteed to get one was online. 

Well, what's a girl to do??  They didn't have the tester anymore so I had to get one!  I did get it with free shipping using the code HOLIDAYSHIP and 8% cashback at ebates, though in California, that doesn't even recover tax.  Better than nothing though since I missed the Urban Decay F&F.  I wanted to wait for this supposed VIB holiday gift card, but I've given up on the Sephora VIB program.  They need some serious work on their top-down communication. 

Overall, the holiday week was pretty good.  I'm not terribly sorry I strayed.  I think the palette will be great to travel with over the holidays if I decide to keep it. 

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