Monday, November 9, 2009

Rare Minerals Moisturizer

I feel I gave Rare Minerals moisturizer more than a fair shot.  I tried a few sample tubes, and I tried to condition my skin to it.  There were a few things I had trouble with though.  The first was the scent.  I'm really sensitive to spicy scents.  I don't know how else to decsribe the scent of the moisturizer other than slightly spicy.  I know it doesn't bother a lot of women, but it bothers me.

The second was that when I used the moisturizer, I immediately started to get little bumps.  Some of them turned into whiteheads that I could squeeze out, and some turned into full on pimples.  Gross right?  Thank goodness the foundation covered it all.

Third, the texture of my skin changed immediately.  My skin became so rough and unpleasant to touch.  I believe that it was a reaction to the moisturizer. 

I have stopped using it for good now.  I  convinced myself that the moisturizer is just not good for me.  As soon as I stopped using it, my skin's texture smoothed out and the pimples started to fade.  I really hoped this would work for me, but it didn't.  There are so many women out there who do love it though.  I'm kind of sad I couldn't be one of them.

If you're interested, you can follow the link to read about the benefits.  It's so popular that QVC just did a deluxe bottle of it.  They must have sold out too because I can't find it on QVC anymore.  The moisturizer is available through Sephora, Boutiques, QVC and Ulta.  I'm not sure if it's available through Nordies or any of BE's other retail outlets.

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