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Rare Minerals Nighttime Treatment

This post was hard to write (sorry it's so long!!!) - I have mixed feelings about the Rare Minerals line.  If a skin care product is good for you, you should just be able to use it.  However, the Rare products I've tried have done strange things to my skin,  I think people call it "purging," where you get these little pimples because your skin is supposedly trying to get rid of all the bad things in it.  It's really annoying and unsightly.  I have found though, that if I condition my skin to the product, its pretty amazing.  So to recap, it makes my skin really ugly before it makes it pretty.

Geez, when I see it written, even I think what I did was really really stupid.

Rare Minerals Nighttime Treatment
A lot of people know the first part of my adventure with Rare Minerals Nighttime Treatment.  I bought it at Sephora on a whim after my best friend bought it.  It was the first item in BE's Rare Minerals skincare line that came out.  I tried it out and it totally destroyed my skin.  I had dry patches everywhere and my dermatitis went crazy.  Long story short, it took a LONG time to reverse the effects.

Later, I bought another jar of the treatment.  After doing some research about how people use it and the results they were getting, I thought it would be interesting to try it again.  I thought that I probably was using way too much, too fast the first time and my skin was drying out which aggravated my dermatitis as well as excess oil production which led to breakouts.  So, I changed the way I approached the product.  I started out very slow.  I applied with a brush instead of the pillow puff once a week. I had a little purging, but not nearly as bad as the first time.  Over the course of three months I slowly worked my way up to 6 days a week.  I forget to use it at least one day out of the week, so I haven't gotten up to 7 days a week.

After several months, my dermatitis has mostly gone away.  Every once in a while, I get a little flare up, but they don't last for nearly as long and are much,  much less painful.  When I use the night treatment as a spot treatment on the occasional cystic pimple, the darn thing disappears really quickly and I get much less hyper pigmentation.  This treatment is also supposed to work on shrinking your pores.  I'm not sure if I believe it or not, but it does seem like there is some slight improvement on that front.  I just wish I'd taken a "before" picture to compare.

When it comes down to active ingredients, the list is extensive.  Rare Minerals has multiple active ingredients, from Vitamin A to French Green Clay.  Far more than most other products out there.  I've tried skin care regimes with various combinations of these active ingredients, but somehow, the rare minerals formula ties it all together and makes things work. It's like magic.   It could also be the reason why my skin reacted initially to this product.  I'm not sure if it explains why my skin has terrible inital reactions to other rare products (In fact, I'm going through one right now.  It sucks.).

Cost: $60, available at Sephora, Ulta, QVC, BE boutiques.  Get it during an F&F sale.  BE will have one in December, and they usually have a second one in the early summer.

Application notes: The Beauty Ambassadors at BE boutiques all say to apply with the pillow puff applicator.  I took a friend to a boutique one day to get her a make under and the BA started telling her about rare minerals.  I told my friend in front of the BA that the Treatment comes with an extra pillow puff so you can take them off and clean them, but that I thought it was more sanitary to apply with a brush since it's easier to clean than the pillow puffs.  The BA did NOT like hearing that.

I've also heard a BA say that exposing the minerals to air reduces their effectiveness.  I don't know what the official stance is, but I've seen Leslie talk about applying the product with a brush on QVC, so I'm pretty sure it's ok.

Also, moisturize a lot when you're using this.  Since moving to LA, I've been having trouble keeping my skin moisturized enough, and my skin has started to react to all the moisturizers I've been using at night, which is stressful.  I've cut back on the Nighttime treatment applications to once every two days until I can find something more moisturizing.

I have trouble fully recommending this product because I reacted so poorly to it initially.  But, if you're looking to try it, I'd suggest starting off slowly like I did.  Be patient and moisturize.  I know you'll get results too.

Photo credt: rareminerals.com

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