Sunday, December 27, 2009

100% Natural Lip Gloss

Has anyone else wondered how long these are good for?

I normally toss my glosses after a year or so.  I vaguely recall there being an icon on a shrink wrapped tube indicating that the glosses are good for 12 months after opening (I think this is by European standards), but I was really curious what the official channels thought.  Especially since Leslie says that these taste like glazed doughnuts, but only one of mine tastes like that.  The others

So I wrote BE's customer service specifically about the shelf life of the glosses after they've been opened.  Here's the meat of the response:

After further research, our preservative free products such as the 100% Natural Lipgloss has a shelf life of approximately 2-3 years, while stored in a cool dry place. 

Two-three years!  Can you believe it?  I bet that's if you don't open it.  I doubt my glosses have been sitting around for more than 2 years anywhere since the 100% natural glosses are so new, so I don't think the weird taste of some of my glosses is because they've gone bad, when I've only used them for a few months.

I can't imagine keeping a used lip gloss for 2-3 years though.  My buxoms lasted for a year and a half before they started tasting bad.  The 100% natural lip glosses are all natural and preservative free.  Usually products that are all natural don't last as long as other non-natural products.  I imagine that something "all natural" has more goodies germs love to eat.  Think of the germs that could live there after 2-3 years!!  Am I over reacting?

How long do you keep glosses for?

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