Monday, December 28, 2009

BEing a tester

Bare Escentuals is testing out a new version of their Rare Minerals moisturizer.  I guess enough people reacted to the original version that they decided to reformulate it.  I'm still recovering from my last encounter with the moisturizer, so I said, "no."  Somehow I still ended up getting a tester sample though. 

That's pretty much all I know about what's going on.

If you really want to love the Rare Minerals skin care line, keep an eye out for the reformulated moisturizer in the future.


  1. I hope they keep the old formula as an option....I really like it, and I'm not fond of change.

  2. Hopefully, they let us know what happens with the tester results. :)

  3. Hey Connie,

    I'm curious: Were you asked to be a tester? If so, do you mind telling me how this came to pass? i admit that I would have like to have been selected for such a thing! Lucky you. :)

    I realize you might not even notice this comment since I am pretty late. Sowwy. ;)

    Cheers, tbop

  4. Hey Tbop! I hope you come back and check this post. BE looks for testers on the BE Addicts forum. I posted there a few times about my horrible reaction to the RM moisturizer and one of the mod contacted me when they were looking for testers.



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