Saturday, December 12, 2009

Finally, I tried the Topaz kit..

I gotta say, BE is GREAT at making colors that are suitable for work. The Topaz kit is no exception.  I opened the kit as soon as I got it, but I haven't had a chance to try it until today.
I love the little jewels in the handles.  I won't open the brushes for a while still since I have so many open, but they're gorgeous to look at for now.    I wish the blush (Rosy Topaz) came in a larger pot!  It's slightly darker than Healthy Radiance and a bit more shimmery.  I think it's going to be a favorite!

Luminous Topaz has fairly chunky pieces of glitter compared to some of their other shadows, but you can buff that out if you don't like it. There wasn't much fall out from the glitter, which surprised me.  Smoky Topaz is extremely pigmented.  I had to blend it out a LOT, and I still don't think that the blending was good enough.

Here's my version of the Topaz look. I emphasized the green in Lush Topaz liner by using a dark green liner pencil first.

Here's a picture with my eyes wide open so that you can seen the green.  It's a really really pretty green liner, but without the green liner pencil underneath, it just showed up smokey gray.

Over all, this was a really great buy.  It's a real pity the outlets aren't taking phone orders anymore because now the only place to get a Topaz kit or any of the colors is on ebay.


  1. Hi, how much was the kit at the BE Outlet??? I've been wanting to try this kit ...

  2. Hi, nice blog. Can't afford a whole lot of BE but love reading other people's reviews. Did you ever get the Animal Instincts kit? I picked it up at the Michigan City outlet a couple weeks ago and LOVE it.

  3. Anonymous - The kit was $29.50, but I got a 20% discount and I also had to pay for shipping. I ended up being charged $31-something for the kit. Since the outlets don't ship anymore, you'll either have to drive to one, or find someone who lives close by to get one for you. :(

    Sharilyn - Thank you for commenting. I'm glad you like my blog. I hope you come back often and pass it along to other BE lovers. I never did get the animal instincts kit. The outlets stopped taking phone orders before I could order. I'm so sad about that. I hope I can get my hands on a set eventually. You're so lucky to live so close by!

  4. I don't actually live all that close to an outlet - I just stopped by on my way to Chicago. I hope they start taking phone orders again soon because I saw several kits I'd love to have.



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