Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Pretty Pink Box full of minerals this month!!

This is one of the rare months where I absolutely adore everything that came in My Pretty Pink Box.
 So many mineral companies participated I just had to share with you all!  There were:
  • two full sized shadows from Everyday Minerals (Baby sitter & Jasmine Tea)
  • two mineral eye shadow samples from Glamour Doll eye shadows (Skinny Jeans & Summer Skies)
  • one full size mineral shadow from Sassy Minerals (Fashionista)
  • one full size "glimmer dust" from Abbey St. Clare (Shimmer)
  • a lovely cell phone charm from He Qi crystal designs
  • a mineral sample from the all natural face (Midnight plum)
  • one hand cream sample
  • and a 10% off coupon for Lux Additions (not pictured)
I can't wait to try these!  I love this month's so much I'm actually tempted to buy a second, but I know I should be saving my money for other things.  

This month's My Pretty Pink Box is still available!  So go get one RIGHT NOW!  It's absolutely lovely this month!


  1. Thank you for the comment! So glad you like the box. It looks like you preordered so you got a bonus Glamour Doll set. =)

  2. I would imagine a lot of people would want to fill your Pretty Pink Box ;)



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