Monday, January 18, 2010

Rare Minerals Eye Cream review

I've been using the eye cream twice a day for 2 months.  It's very moisturizing, and unlike other moisturizing eye creams, it hasn't caused any milia.
The amount of cream you need is very small.  The cream in this picture is probably the size of a small BB pellet.

I pat it onto my eye only where my dark circles are.  This area of my eye is also the driest and needs the most help staying moisturized.  Without moisturizer, all the concealers I have will settle into the fine lines in the area or make the skin there look dry, like crepe paper.

I was hoping that this would do something for my dark circles, but being extremely moisturizing (without milia!) is good enough for me.   I'll probably keep using the cream until I'm done with the tube.  I hate, hate, hate milia, so I may just end my eye cream search here.  I think my dark circles are just stubborn.  The only time they went away is once when I got 12 hours of sleep for a week straight.  Who has that kind of luxury anymore?  They came back as soon as I went back to work.

I saved the insert from the eye cream.  I wish I'd thought to save the box so I could look at the ingredients.  I didn't notice this earlier, but the "ingredients" they listed on the insert are extremely vague and not terribly informative.  "Natural Antioxidant Complex"?  "Marine Growth Complex"?  "Marine peptides"?  The analytical part of me is dying to know what in the ingredients corresponds to those three items.

I feel like I've been saying this a lot lately.  At least I've been thinking about it a lot.  Rare Minerals is pretty hit or miss.  And since this is a Rare Minerals product, I suggest approaching with caution.  I've heard reports from other women who have experience skin and eye irritation from the cream.  I'm curious if anyone has seen their dark circles go away.

Cost: $25.56 on QVC (plus shipping).  The eye cream is in a kit being released next month.  It's going to be at the boutiques as a single in February or March (this is according to a sales assistant at my boutique).  I'm guessing the price will be $28 when it finally hits outlets other than the Q.  All in all, it's still a pretty low cost eye cream.  Have you looked at eye creams at Sephora lately?  They are SO EXPENSIVE!

Hopefully, the Shiseido acquisition won't raise the cost of BE products.


  1. I'm really eager to try the eye cream. I like the face wash a lot, but the moisturizer didn't get me excited.

  2. I hope the eye cream works out for you!



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