Thursday, January 14, 2010

San Francisco Master Class

I've been thinking a lot about going to the Master Class that's being held in SF this spring.  I lived near SF for 6 years so I was sure I didn't need the whole weekend at the Ritz.  I was really struggling with the class though because for $125 plus the cost of airfare, I'd be getting a brunch, some freebies that I may not use, and information that would be disseminated the next day.  Of course, there's the experience of meeting Leslie too, who is very gracious in person, and my assessment of the freebie bag was based on the freebies at the last master class.  It could be different this time!  If you look at the link I posted a few days ago, there's a San Francisco kit that's coming out sometime in the next year.  Could it be that it will be an exclusive Master Class freebie?   I'd hate to miss out on that.....

So I was hearing chatter online that the class was almost full, so I had to make a decision fast... so I had all the money pulled into my checking account so I could make the purchase for the class and the flight.

I have to confess that I had an incredibly SLOW day at work.  I spent a lot of time reading the news.   And the news is full of information about the earthquake in Haiti.  So instead of paying for the class and buying a plane ticket up to SF, I gave the money for registration and airfare to the United Nations Foundation. 

It seemed like the wiser thing to do with my money.  I mean, I was ready to drop close to $300 on something that I certainly would enjoy, but would definitely be classified as frivolous.  I think the donation was worth it. 

I hope anyone who reads this post takes a minute to think about whether or not you really need that extra blush, eye shadow, or kit and maybe donates some money to a charity too.

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  1. Good for you! That is great.

    IMO, the master class won't be worth the money. And for New Orleans in 08, the participants got a good amount of stuff, but like you said, the info will be posted the next day for everyone to read.

    Also, in New Orleans, the Wish You Were Here New Orleans kit was a freebie the class attendees got (among other things like RM cleanser). But the kit was available for everyone to purchase a month later on Q. So, no big loss.

  2. Thanks. I hope that folks got what I meant. Donating so much is not for everybody, but every little bit will add up to a lot!



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