Monday, January 4, 2010


I'm really upset at my building manager, so to temporarily forget, I decided to try a look that was suggested on the QVC message boards.  Since I didn't come up with the combination, I didn't name it.  Perhaps the person who suggested it will come by and name it herself. 

I used Sass all over and Loyalty in the outer half and blended it to about 2/3 of the way in.  Last, I lined with Vanity and worked it into the very outer corners.  I tight lined with Dark Emerald liner shadow.  Please excuse my shiny T-zone.  I just applied lotion.


This look is sooo, so pretty on my skin tone.  Very work appropriate.  I think I will be wearing it to work tomorrow.


  1. Connie, that looks absolutely BEautiful on you!
    The only name I could think of is BE Pretty Sassy. What do you think? So glad I could come up with a look for you ladies on the forum. Hope the other ladies try it, too.

  2. Connie - love this combination on you. I really enjoyed seeing what the combination looked like!

  3. Lauramac, thank you for coming up with a name. :D

    Sharilyn and Finch, I'm glad you enjoyed the look!



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