Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sephora FAIL

I popped into Sephora at Century City right before dinner tonight.  This is the third time this month I've gone into the Century City store and noticed that the displays were really messy and disorganized.

In any given Sephora, there's bound to be a little mess because of the testers.  But I'm talking about products being missing, boxes tossed on displays in a completely unorganized fashion, bare shelves, and dirty packaging.  Just a few examples below the jump.

  1. NARS orgasm nail polish.  There's a tester, but you can't actually buy it.  In fact what was in the spot where the nail polish looked like it was supposed to be was a cream to powder blush stick. Why even have the tester out if you're not going to restock?  I noticed this about two and a half weeks ago, and there wasn't any improvement tonight.  Does it really take more than 2 weeks to restock something?  I don't know how businesses do restocking, but more than 2 weeks seems excessive for a large company like Sephora. There were several other items that were misplaced as well, this was just the most obvious error. 
  2. Urban Decay.  Testers were missing, shelves were not stocked neatly...I probably wouldn't buy anything from the Urban Decay display at this Sephora since even the packaging looked dirty.  Can't someone at least straighten out the boxes??
  3. Bare Escentuals displays were out of date and/or bare. Several holiday items were still out, while the Buxom balms and the blue noir mascara were no where to be seen . Yet the February Face Fashion and Face Forward kits were both out.  Did they just skip January?  There were also several kits that were knocked over and crooked, and half a shelf that was completely bare.  Most of the other shelves for BE were fully stocked though.
Some of these problems may be a result of the space being far too small for a Sephora.  I know that smaller stores do have to rotate what they display differently than larger stores, but the Century City store is the first one I've been to where the shelves are half empty all the time.

You know what makes this the most frustrating?  The sales associates there just don't care unless you look nice and buy a lot.  Maybe this attitude is because they're right on the edge of Beverly Hills, but it's really shameful.   Actually, in both the Santa Monica store and the Century City store, I've only encountered one great sales rep, and I think they were the same person.  Sad.

Service at the giant Sephora in San Francisco was 1000x better than this.  Stock in the tiny Emeryville store was 1000x better than this.

It seems like attitude is a problem no matter where I shop in SoCal.  Can someone get me out of this hell hole?????

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