Monday, January 18, 2010

Sunday's look - Fresh greens!

I went to Irvine on Sunday to visit some friends from high school who are in the area.  We went to a yummy Korean place and then to a mochi ice cream cafe afterward!  When ever I see friends from high school, I tend to use lighter, fresher looks.
I used Nice Pear in the inner 1/3, Celery in the outer 2/3, and Peacock in the outer corner.

I also lined the lower lash line with Peacock and Nice Pear using a Line and Smudge brush from Kileng.   This brush is amazing.  It gives me the most precise lining ever!


  1. Nice look - greens are my faves.

    It's a small world - I've got friends in Irvine too.

  2. Thank you Sharilyn!

    What a small world it is. :)



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