Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Face Forward - Is this a good value?

I can't decide if the Face Forward kit is a good value or not.  I know, right off the bat, that it's not a good deal for me (see this post about my reaction to the moisturizer - I say in the post that the pimples started to fade, but they were really so deeply embedded in my skin that I didn't notice until a few days after that post).

The kit could be a good deal for someone else though!

There are a lot of obvious advantages.  It's very travel sized - both the moisturizers could go in your carry-on on a flight.  I also love that BE comes out with these moderately priced starter kits.  The full size starter kit is $60, and I know that it's a huge chunk of change for a lot of people out there.  These small, affordable kits are a really great way to try the products.  And did you notice that the mineral veil in the kit is the new SPF mineral veil? 

On the other hand, the biggest disadvantage is that only a few shades out of their entire range of foundations are available for the kit.  Also, a mini Full Flawless brush doesn't look like the most useful things I've ever seen.
Still, even with all those advantages, I'm not really sure how great a value this actually is.  The jars and the tube of eye cream looked small in the store.  I could do the math I suppose....

Ok...I'm going to go do the math (grumbles).

I'm back!  Long story short, just based on math the kit is worth it.  You essentially save $1 and get the brush for free!  There you have it!

Click on "more" to see my methods.  Suggestions on other things to consider when looking at the value of a kit are more than welcome!

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What I did, was I took the cost per ounce of each of the full size versions of the products and used that to calculate how much the amount you receive in the Face Forward kit is worth.

For example, the original foundation costs $25, and you get 0.3 oz.  The cost per ounce is $83.88.

In the Face Forward kit, you receive 0.03 oz of the original foundation.  Based on the cost per ounce in the previous paragraph, 0.03 oz of foundation costs $2.50.

So using that method, I calculated the cost of the kit just based on the two moisturizers, the foundation, and the MV.  The kit comes out to $35.37.

At Sephora, the kit costs $34.  Essentially you get the brush for free.  Just based on math, this kit is technically worth it.


  1. I wanted the kit, but only for the eye cream. I couldn't justify the price for such a tiny tube of eye cream. I have so many other little jars that I hardly ever use.....

  2. I agree. The eye cream is supposed to be available as an individual full size tube now though!



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