Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Quick post before I go cook!

Some things I realized/discovered in the last three days:
  1. Urban Decay makes some amazing purples!  I'll post looks this week.
  2. I love Pure Radiance.  Especially when applied with a Full Flawless Face Brush.
  3. Healthy Radiance also looks better with the Full Flawless brush!
  4. Costco makeup removing wipes are my new friend. 
  5. Oh and lastly, if you 're using a mildly chunky/glittery Urban Decay shadow, such as Grifter (Curiouser), you can get rid of most of the glitter by tapping the brush on the heel of your palm or your knee (just something hard) after you pick up the color.  I had no fall out today and I used Grifter and Polyester bride!
That's all!  I have a busy, busy night, so I'll post pictures and elaborate some time this week, but probably not tonight.

See you all soon!

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