Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's day haul

My fiancee took me shopping as my Valentine's day present.  So we went to the mall in Century City.

We bought a box of Godiva milk chocolates.  The creme brulee chocolate is our favorite!
That little rosebud is actually a pin!  I took it off the ribbon and I'm saving it.  For what, I don't know yet, but it was pretty.

We also went to the BE boutique and I picked up a matte foundation in Golden Fair, one of the new shades.  It's the next lightest shade to Light foundation and it has yellow undertones.  Golden Fair by itself may be too light, but I discovered a few days ago that Light by itself is too dark, so I'm going to have to mix the two.  I need some sun.  They also gave me a card that had samples of Wild Honey and Sugar Plum lip gloss.

The sales girl was so nice.  She helped me test the foundation on my skin and told me about some event they're having next weekend.  She said something about new products, but I was thinking about foundation and forgot to ask for more details.  I'll have to call and see what she was talking about.

They also had new tote bags.  These are maybe half the size of the original pink matte tote bag.  I'm not too crazy about the whole thing BE has going with sexual innuendos, but I do like reusable totes.  I use them for bringing lunch to work.  I'm not sure if they're giving these away with all purchases or just with a foundation purchase.
Then we went to Sephora and got a Urban Decay 24/7 liner pencil in Honey and the Walnut Complexion Scrub by Ole Henriksen.

Here's what the scrub looks like.  It's got a really nice, comforting nutty smell and has chunks of what I assume are walnuts.  I use it twice a week in place of the Clarisonic.  It leaves my skin very soft and surprisingly moisturized!  I'm convinced that this scrub in addition to the 3 little wonders has helped clear up a lot of my skin problems.
So that's my early Valentine's day haul!  I love my fiancee.

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  1. Haha. Props to the fiancee for taking you shopping! Did he actually inside the stores with you?



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