Monday, February 1, 2010

Yay! 1000 visitors!

I honestly never expected to get this much traffic so quickly.  I really appreciate all of you!  Thank you for all the visits. 

To show my appreciation, I'm having a give away.  I'm going to send a Buxom lip balm in Copacabana to one person!  You can find my thoughts on the lip balm here and here.

If you want to enter, leave a comment here or send me an email (beonabudget at gmail dot com) telling me how you found my blog.  And while you're here, don't forget to follow me or subscribe! 

I'll pick a winner on Sunday, February 7th.  Your entry has to be submitted by the end of the day Saturday February 6th.

Good Luck!

I'm buying this for the winner with my own money.  This give away is in no way affiliated with Bare Escentuals.


  1. I'm a basically broke college student and I be on a budget! There used to be a time where people typed in dot com names for whatever they wanted and they got something! I was hoping for that, although the dot com bubble burst when I was in high school!

    Anyway, I love makeup too! Lipgloss is nice! It's just a little sticky sometimes but some powder does the trick :(

  2. Omg, I didn't know you had a blog! As a newbie to the world of makeup, I'll definitely be reading your blog for tips. ^_^

    By the way, does this count as an entry for the lip balm contest? Hehe.

  3. Hi, Connie! It's PQC from the QVC and MM forums. I was thrilled when I realized you had this blog going. I love BE and am always looking for good tips and reviews so that I can keep myself on a budget as well. We need to continue to be good role models to our younger femaale friends and family members by showing that it is possible to look and feel beautiful without getting into debt. Congratulations on 1000 hits. You rock.

    I'd love to try the Buxom Lip Balm; I've been wondering if it is something I'd like or not. Winning one certainly would fit into my budget! ;-) Thanks so much for the opportunity.


  4. Hi connie! i just found your blog and want to be entered for the contest! i LOVE the lip balm, just haven't bought it yet, on a budget :) i tried it out at sephora and loved the texture. love everything bare escentuals! anyways, i found your blog on sephora's facebook fan page, someone recommended your blog! :) excited to follow your blog!

  5. I also found you over at the Q boards - I'm a lurker though, don't post over there. I'm glad I found you though, because I enjoy reading your reviews and look forward to new ones!! Thanks for giving away a BE balm - that's so awesome of you!

  6. Your writing here is fascinating, on so many levels!

    I'd love to try this lip balm you are talking about, considering all I use ever is regular ol' chapstick, and sometimes the cheap wet 'n wild lip gloss (yes, i shamefully admit that in public). I've never liked 'real' lipstick, because it always dries my lips this is my bid to get the giveway and also maybe get some free advice on something new for my lips :)

  7. I enjoy your blog! And I totally agree with the 3 little wonders kit... it rocks!!!

  8. I'm really curious about BE's lip balm. How does it compare with the other Buxom lip products?

  9. Connie - I just discovered the buxom lip balm on my Mom R&R trip! It's great! I got the bali bali one and used it constantly on the trip - I would love another color!

  10. @ Mary - I've found the other Buxom lip products to be rather drying. I don't get any of that with the balm though.



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