Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bare Crystals again

BE is on QVC this weekend.  You can find the list and pictures here.  There's not a lot of new stuff in the way of eye colors.  I already purchased the Customer Blends kit, which I have yet to play with.  I was really hoping that Bora Bora would be new colors but they're old, which is a tiny bit disappointing.

There are four new lip glosses though if you like glosses.  Two of them look like sheer glosses and two of them look more pigmented.  These are not particularly interesting to me though since I have a stock of glosses in my armoire.  I can hear my wallet thanking me.

What really, truly baffles me is this email I got from QVC today.
They're selling Bare Crystals again??  Really?  Seriously, how much of this do they have in the stock room?

With all the repeats this time around, I'm looking forward to see what the next show offers.  I should be saving my money for my wedding anyhow.  Hehe.

Photo credit: QVC email


  1. I really hope the April/May shows will have some new stuff. Someone on BEA said that one of the girls in her boutique said that BE is coming out with MAC like pigments in bright colours in the near future--I really hope that's true--I will be all over it!! I'm thinking they might be the texture of high shine sand dune.

    I think Bare Crystals is one of the underrated BE kit--I use rock crystal all the time. I guess it's good for new people. :)

  2. I adore BE products! I want to know how the customized blends work :)

  3. Becky - I sure hope you're right! I'm love to see more high shine colors!

    Rainy - If you sign up at BE Addicts forum, once a year in the fall or winter they have a thread accepting color suggestions. People post recipes of colors they mixed up, and corporate picks 4 to put in a kit. They are a lot of fun. Definitely the one kit I get each year without much hesitation!



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