Thursday, March 25, 2010

Beautiful in Pearls - Exotic Pearls

I'm splitting the Beautiful in Pearls Auto Delivery with a friend, and I just got my half today.  From left to right are an Angled Face brush, a Tapered Blush brush, a Precision Eye defining brush, Exotic Pearl, Black Pearl, and Pearl Blossom blush. 
I heard that unlike other ADs where only the first in the series is infused, all the kits in the series are pearl infused, which may be why they're including Black Pearl in the kit.  My friend Kim says she didn't see any difference between her regular Black Pearl and the pearl infused Black Pearl from this kit.  Kim also has pictures of all the components of the kit, so go there and take a look.  I think if I already had Black Pearl, I would have been a little disappointed that they included an old color. 

But, I do not already have Black Pearl, so on to more exciting news!  The rest of the Pearl Auto Delivery series is available on QVC.  You are supposed to get this kit plus the two after.  I've never seen QVC do this before, so if you're wishing you hadn't missed out on the AD, here's your second chance! 

No promises, but I'll try and remember to take pictures tomorrow when I use these colors. 


  1. they look pretty!!! don't forget to take pics :):)

  2. I have Black Pearl, so I'm glad I gave the Pearl AD a miss. I do hope they make the pearl-infused mineral veil open stock at some point.

  3. what do you think of BE foundations (original and matte)?

  4. Hey Jenny, I think I will write a post about that for you. I think it's too long for comments. :) Look for it later tonight or tomorrow!

  5. Sharilyn, I know several people like you who are absolutely in love with the pearl infused MV. I hope that they make it open stock for everyone too.



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