Friday, March 26, 2010

Exotic Pearls look

I remembered to take two pictures this morning!  But neither turned out to be an acceptable full face look, so here's the eyes.

I applied Exotic Pearl in the inner half of my eye and Black Pearl in the outer corner.  Then I blended like crazy.  I probably sat around just blending for about 10 minutes to get the colors merged to my liking. 

The colors were slightly shimmery in the jar, but I totally buffed out the sparkle and ended up with a matte look for the day.    I think next time I wear these two colors together, I'll add an intermediate purple so that I don't spend so much time blending. 

Oh, and I'm going to plug my friend Kim's blog again because she just posted a comparison between the pearl infused Black Pearl and the regular Black Pearl.  I love her swatches.


  1. I love how purple makes your eyes super exotic and sexy :)

  2. Thanks Kim!

    You changed your profile pic! LOVE!



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