Saturday, March 27, 2010

Original v Matte foundation

Jenny, one of my subscribers, posted a comment asking me what I think about Original and Matte foundation formulas.  I personally prefer Matte.  Some people prefer the finish on the Original, but my skin is oily enough that Matte looks fine on me.  I found that the Matte colors generally matched me much, much better than the Original ones.  I also noticed that itching problems I had completely went away after I switched to Matte.

My very first makeup post here talked about changes I had to make in my application style when switching to Matte.  You can read that if you're having trouble with Matte because I certainly went through a few days where I was trying to figure out how to make the Matte foundation look good.

When I was thinking about answering Jenny's question, I also realized that I had never swatched the Matte and the Original formulas side by side.

In the jar, there is not a terribly obvious difference between the two.  

The top swatch is Golden Medium in Original and the bottom is Golden Medium in Matte.  The picture on left is with flash and the one on the right is without.  I hope that the color settings on your computer monitor allow you to see the difference.  I'm going to try and describe it as best as I can.

The most obvious difference is the color!  Can you believe it?  The Original formula in Golden Medium is much, much closer to my current skin tone than the very same color in Matte!  The Original formula is a buttery yellow where as the Matte is more of a toasted or honey color.

The picture doesn't really show the differences in the finish of the two foundations, but trust me when I say the Original formula has fine shimmers.

I think the color difference is the biggest shocker - I always knew there was a color difference, I just didn't realize how obvious it was.  Matte has much stronger yellow undertones than Original.  Don't listen to anyone who tells you the two formulas are the same color. 

I know this is a fairly rambling post, so I'm going to try to summarize it now.

The moral of my story is that if the finish isn't important to you and you don't have dry skin, focus on finding the right color between the two formulas.  If you have oily skin, definitely give Matte a shot.  Don't try Matte if you have dry skin.

Hope this helps you Jenny!


  1. this helps me a lot :D thanks connie!!! the colour difference is so weird :S how long would you say the "matte" or oil control last for?

  2. Nice post. I had no idea BE came out w/a Matte formula. How ancient I am :p I use the original Golden Medium, and it has worked well for me. I love it and use it almost daily. But I do get oily and I'd like to try the matte formula, possibly in a lighter color. I had no idea the difference!

  3. @Jenny - The Matte oil control lasts for about 6 hours on me. I put on makeup at 6 am and have to start blotting anywhere between 11 am and noon.

    @ Rainy Days - I used to use Golden Medium in Original too! It was never quite right though because I have such strong yellow tones in my skin. Give matte a try and let me know if it works for you. :D



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