Sunday, March 21, 2010

Stuff - I have too much.

On Friday night, I cleaned up my makeup area and reorganized my armoire.  My collection has grown since I first got it last October, mostly because of the Bare Treasures collection.
There's the view from the top.

There's the drawers on the left.
There's the drawers on the right.
This is the first middle drawer.
This is the last middle drawer.  I put down white paper in the drawer so that I could see the colors in the jars a little better. 

Not pictured were my two Urban Decay palettes and all my TSS stuff.

I also discovered this:

I own the same perfume in 3 different sizes...It's my favorite scent ever!  I first bought one of the smaller two at some perfume store in SF.  Then I loved it so much, I thought I'd better get more.  At the time, the perfume was sold at Victoria's Secret in a set with the perfume, a body wash and a body lotion.  The lady at Victoria's secret told me that they were discontinuing the line!  Now I know that what she really meant was that VS was going to stop carrying this perfume, but when she told me, I thought "OH NO!" and a few weeks later, I purchased the large bottle.  When I moved around after college, the three bottles got separated.  I knew I had three bottles somewhere, but I only ever had two at a time.  I had no idea that I had 3 different sized bottles. 

The smallest one is no good anymore - it has little dust particles hanging around on the surface of the perfume and it smells a bit more tangy than the other two.  The two bigger bottles are both still good.  The biggest one I just found in it's original box and the middle one was stored in its box.  I don't want to throw the bottles away since they're so cute, so for now, they're just sitting around my apartment.  Looking pretty.

I have too much stuff.


  1. O_O WOW at your stash!!! lol!!!

    mine compared to your stash would be like.. iduno... a grain of sand.. and yours is the beach lol! i love how you organised it though :)

  2. Nice stash! I am now kicking myself that I didn't buy that armoire when it was available.

  3. wow you lucky girl! i'd be filled with so much joy if i have what you have! :)

  4. I love your armoire! where did you get it?

  5. Wow, I'm in awe . . . I'm not surprised that you made V.I.B. Hehe.

  6. My collection overwhelms me sometimes. And I know that there are some girls who have even bigger collections than I do! I don't know how they handle it. :)

    I got the armoire through Bare Escentuals last October. It was a collaboration between Leslie and Lori Greiner. Unfortunately, it's not available anymore, but L.G. does sell other cosmetics chests.



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