Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tonight is preview night!

Nothing is calling out to me though.  I was going to stop by my boutique, but I just saw the pictures online.
I haven't used Buxoms in a while since they dry out my lips and I'm not crazy about eye liner pencils that aren't waterproof.  Maybe the Pink and Delicious kit is something I would buy, but it's pretty light in color and I don't like light lip glosses.
I was really, really excited for the waterproof mascara, but I have a friend who's a sales assistant at a boutique who said it smudged on her!  I'm waiting for more updates about it from her before I commit to buying one.

And I'm not crazy about the new eye color or the Customizable Eye case.  There's also a customizable face case that's the same as the Eye case, but bigger.

I guess it's good for my wallet that I don't want any of this stuff.  I know QVC always has a bunch of stuff later in the spring that I want and BE always has a summer kit that's lovely too.  Hopefully, those will live up to expectations!

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