Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What I have been coveting

I'm having a really rough time right now, so I didn't have much energy to put into blogging today.  A tasty duck would really make me feel good right now.  But alas, I live far from Chinese places that sell duck.  So instead, for fun, I decided to oogle at pictures of things I want on the internet. 

I actually already bought this.  There's been a lot of buzz about the Beauty Blender on the QVC and Makeup Geek Message boards lately, so I decided to try it.  The set depicted is $39.95.  It should get here late this week or early next week.

What sucked me in about the Aerogarden is "Dirt-free."  The darn pod is super expensive though.  They can go anywhere from $50 to $100.  I don't think I'll be purchasing one any time soon, but it's a pretty concept.

My teeth are really sensitive, and I love tea, so my teeth are also slightly yellow.  Since I've heard so much about the cheaper whitening systems causing sensitivity, I looked into GoSMiLE.  I have heard from several people that this system doesn't cause any sensitivity except occasionally around the gums, but that goes away really fast.  It's $89 at Sephora, but it's on HauteLook regularly.  I think the next time it's on HauteLook, I may splurge.

I want this Mini/Micro Peel set by Ole Henriksen.  I went to the store to smell it and it smells terrible!  But I do still like to look at it, and I think that it might assist my acne scars disappearing.  The scars will fade on their own over time, but I'm impatient.  Also, it's far to expensive for my taste (though much cheaper than a microderm abrasion session or chemical peel series at a spa).

I love NARS orgasm nail polish.  Too bad the tiny little bottle is $16.  It's not any bigger than any other nail polish bottle you might find either, so not a very good value in my book.  I wish I could find a dupe.


  1. Heidi has several of those Aerogardens in her home! They were really lush and full and super pretty. I want one (or two) as well, but you're right, they're too expensive, and I like spending my money on beauty products!

  2. The allure of fresh tomatoes all year is powerful. But so is the allure of new beauty products! hehe.



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