Thursday, April 8, 2010

Look of the Day - LUSH

I did this look a few days ago and really liked it.  I had to take off my makeup before I had a chance to take pictures though, so I've recreated it. 

I used Nice Pear, Celery, and Mermaid (Counterclockwise from the top).  These are all B.E. colors.  I called this look LUSH because in person, the colors match the LUSH logo.

I used Nice Pear in the inner half then Celery in the outer half and blended the two together like crazy.  Then I topped it off with Mermaid in the outer part of my eye close to the lashes.  I thought these three colors blended together quite nicely.

Sorry about the glare off my forehead.  I really need to stop putting on lotion before I decide to recreate a look so I can avoid the shiny forehead.  

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