Friday, April 2, 2010

Super cute tokidoki (plus possible VIB news)

I love tokidoki bags, but they're way too expensive for my taste.  Lucky for me, tokidoki has come up with a new way for me to give them money!

They're at Sephora now, which caught me by a little surprise.  I went in looking for the new 500 point gift, and got distracted by tokidoki instead.  I had only heard about them a few weeks ago and they were in the store already!

Their palettes are SUPER CUTE!  The two that really caught my eye were the green one, Bastardino, and the purple one, Diamonte.  The third palette available is called Adios, but I was not terribly interested because it wasn't as colorful.  The cases are clear plastic with the design stamped on.  The brush it comes with is really tiny and probably useless.  They also come with a really cute charm you can stick on zippers or key chains.  They're also supposedly limited edition.  I don't know how long they will stick around for, but I'm very curious to see what else tokidoki comes up with after these palettes.

I think the Bastardino one is SO CUTE.  LOOK AT IT!  It's a little dog/cactus!  I love it.  It's $25 though, and I swatched them and I pretty much have all those colors already in other brands.  I have way too many eye colors and only two eyes.  A girl really does not need that much makeup.  Right?

So I talked myself out of it.  For now.

BF was with me and said he would buy me something.  I asked for some Laura Mercier Secret Concealer instead (plus gift receipt).  Practical right?  I've never used it before, but it's supposed to be hydrating and it didn't have silicone.  Of course, I also got the Ole Henriksen 500 point gift.  Yay!

Oh, I also took pictures of swatches of the two palettes so I could come home and think about it some more.
The first picture is with no flash in natural light and the second picture is with flash.  The top row is Bastardino and the bottom is Diamonte.  There's one color in Diamonte (far right) that has REALLY CHUNKY glitter.   More chunky than Midnight Cowboy Rides Again.  I love the other three colors in Diamonte, but that chunky color made me crazy.  They look so similar to several BE and Urban Decay colors I already have, which makes me very, very sad.  It's difficult to justify purchasing the palette for myself.  I would not mind receiving it as a gift though.  I'll have to do some hint dropping.

On to the VIB "rumor"!  I've read several forum posts that next week there's going to be a 15% off coupon for VIBs.  Given my experience with VIB in the past, I'm treating it as a rumor until I see the email in my inbox.  Feel free to forward it to me if you see it first.

Maybe if I decide that I need the Bastardino or Diamonte palette, I'll use the coupon.

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  1. I always try to talk myself out of makeup products @ Sephora b/c it's too expensive there :p The tokidoki palettes are really nice though :p But again, $25 is kind of a lot for 4 colors :p

    Last yr I was a VIB member but once 2010 came, I got an email saying that i have to spend another $500 to become one :( Aww, I became a VIB in November or something. I'm sad I didn't get a chance to enjoy the perks! :p

  2. I love Sephora for their return policy, but you're totally right. They carry a lot of expensive stuff.

    You had to spend $500 to become a VIB again?? I thought the cut off was $350! That's ridiculous!

    The only reason I made it this year was because I bought my sister a Clarisonic.

    After my experience with VIB last year, I was totally turned off the whole program. They were so sloppy and they changed the perks part way through the year, which they were allowed to do, but it was still really annoying.



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