Saturday, April 24, 2010

Try. Believe. Love. and Buzzworthy Kits

I just noticed the Try. Believe. Love. Kit at  It looks like a really fantastic way to try BE because it includes both Matte and Original foundations.  The brush included is a mini brush, which keeps the price down, but I'm not sure how useful a mini brush is.  You also get a little tiny jar of Warmth, which I think is the best size since Warmth is not the most usable contouring color for everyone.

The kit is available in only 8 out of 20 of their foundation colors, so it's possible that your color will not be available in this kit.

Cost:  $20 - I love these little starter kits BE has been putting out.  They're a really affordable way to sample the product before you commit.  The only problem is that these kits only come in a handful of the foundation colors in BE's foundation line.   It would be really cool is they could make these kits available in the entire shade range.

I also noticed that the Buzzworthy collection is available at now!

When I went to the Century City Boutique on Thursday, they actually didn't know about the kit.  Maybe they'll have it this week!  You can't use the stamp cards online, so I need to wait until it's in stores to get it.  I can't wait!
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  1. I am trying really really REALLY hard NOT to get this (the Buzzworthy kit)!!! At least not yet!



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