Thursday, April 22, 2010

Unexpected Beauty Blender benefit!

I am so excited about this development in my skin.  If you have rosacea, or any facial redness, you should strongly consider using the Beauty Blender or one of its analogs. 

I have never been diagnosed with rosacea, but I did have red dots all over my lower left cheek.  I recently noticed that the spots are completely gone!  All that's left on my face are acne scars, and a few pimples.

It's pretty fantastic! 

The only thing I haven't resolved yet is the source of my current break out.  I've heard from a few other Beauty Blender users who have broken out after using the sponge, so I really wish that I could figure out what was in the sponge.

It's possible that the Beauty Blender is made out of a silicone based phone and silicone particles are coming off and blocking my pores.  But I can't figure out what the sponge is made of, so I don't know if that's even a possibility.  It could also be the dye in the sponge.

There are a myriad of other stressors that could be causing the break out too, but I am not going to go into them here.  I'm very sleepy right now.  I just wanted to share my excitement over the disappearing spots!

Good night!


  1. hmm I think people might break out because of the bacteria build up in the sponge? I like the idea of the Beauty Blender but seems like it's difficult to clean.

  2. Oh I forgot I didn't respond to your last comment! The beauty blender is actually really easy to clean. I clean it daily after I use it and it's ready for the next day. :)

    I was slightly concerned about bacteria build up, but if I wash it daily, and let it dry out, I'm not sure it's any worse than a brush or your fingers. Especially since I use it on a freshly washed face.

    I hope you come back and see this comment! :)



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