Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wedding dress shopping again

I went wedding dress shopping again.  I tried on a bunch of dressed but only took pictures of the ones I really loved.

I only had two that I really really loved. [Edit: I mean these two are on my short list.  I tried on a bunch of other dresses that I loved too.]
Both of them had really gorgeous bead work.  Here's the top of the second one.  I don't seem to have a closeup of the top of the first one.
My problem is that 1. I haven't decided on the atmosphere of the wedding and the reception, 2. I am a petite and they'd have to special order the correct size, but I have to pay before they do that, and 3. These dresses are over $500, and I'd still have to get them altered.  The second one also requires extra undergarmets to help the dress keep it's shape.

One solution to the cost is to get the dress made by someone in China.  But I'm lazy, and afraid that I'll get a dress that I don't love as much because they'll mess up on the details.  Another solution is to just go to bridal shops that carry petite sizes, but they are more expensive than David's Bridal, which is where I've been trying on dresses so far.

I haven't tried other bridal stores yet because David's is the cheapest, my experiences there have all been great so far, and I don't want to get attached to an even more expensive dress when I can't even decide how to resolve the cost issues yet.

I've got a lot of thinking to do!


  1. I love them both on you!! The first picture is the same dress that made me realize that I loved lace!

  2. the top of the first dress seems to fit your bodice better! prettyyy :) must be so exciting :) :)

  3. @ kim - it's the only lace dress I tried on that I liked. I think it's the ruching. :D

    @ jenny - i knooow. I love it! I hope I don't change my mind when I go back to try it again. hehe.

  4. i love the lace on the first one. :)

  5. Both are lovely! I like the lace on the first one and how the bottom is long..however i like the details of the beads on the second dress..i just dont like the fluffy hard to sorry i cant help! haha

  6. I told the sales lady the bottom of the second dress looked like icing. or clouds. I couldn't stop giggling. But it made me look super skinny in real life! It didn't really show up in the pictures.

  7. Wow nice wedding gown, like the beads.



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