Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What's on your shopping list?

VIBs and BIs get a 15% off sale over the next few weeks.  There should be coupons going out in the mail and via email.  I got both.

I'm good on all my BE staples for now, and I should be able to make it until the next friends and family sale at boutiques.  There aren't any BE kits or eye colors or skin care that Sephora has exclusively that I want either.

That's why my list is all skin care.

-$70 - O.H. 3 little wonders - good to have a back up since I'm about halfway out and will definitely run out before the next F&F sale at Sephora.
-$32 - O.H. Blue/blackberry enzyme mask - I'm almost out of my travel size jar of this.  It's super hydrating.  Totally worth the money.
-$27 - O.H. Firm action mask - I want to add this to my skin care routine because it really does shrink pores!
-$10 ea - Boscia blotting sheets - it's a staple in my purse, at my desk, in my vanity area...they're much better than the Neutrogena sheets.  I should get two.

Hmm, after the discount, my pre-tax total is $126.65.  And tax where I live is almost 10%.  That is too much money. 

Looks like I have some list pruning to do!  Hehe.

What's on your shopping list?


  1. I have no idea what I want to get yet, Ill start looking..and I havent tried any of those products that youre gonna buy..you should review them! :]

    *new follower by the way..hehe :]

  2. No splurging for me this time. I'm just buying a couple essentials that I'm running low on.

  3. @ Miss Nikka - Thanks for following! I have reviews of the 3 little wonders up already (check the "Ole Henriksen" topic), but I'll definitely post reviews of the two masks in the future.

    @ Sharilyn - Good job staying on a budget. I think the only thing I'm cutting off my list is the firm action mask. The rest are pretty much staples for me. I'm sad it's so expensive, but on the other hand, it works so well for my skin! :)



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