Tuesday, May 18, 2010

QVC last weekend

I love watching Leslie on QVC.  Did any of you getting anything?  I didn't. 

Sometimes I am on the fence about all the new kits until I see the presentation.  This time, I thought I would like Sweet Siren, but after watching all the presentations, I liked Bare Lagoon better!  I didn't get it though because the liner looked like French Navy and the green color looked like some combination of Nice Pear and Magnetize. 

I noticed that the Customer Blends kit is still available and it's still discounted, so if you didn't get that, take a look!

BE will be on QVC again in June.  You can check the forums at Mineral Madness for show times.  I think it's already known that there will be a San Francisco collection (pictures on MM under Put Together) and a bigger TSV kit that's supposed to be on Auto-Delivery.  I can't wait to see what will be on too.


  1. I watched and drooled over a couple of things, but decided to save my money. Am interested in seeing the June TSV though.

  2. I have Bare Lagoon on check status, but I'm worried that Mambo won't look good on my Asian skin. (I don't have Nice Pear or Magnetize either.) Decisions, decisions...

  3. I um, got a lot of things. All three new kits plus the TSV. But then again I'm newish so I don't have a lot of repeats happening. Yet. The TSV is really, really awesome. The new eye primer is lovely and also a time saver if you need it.

  4. @Sharilyn - I want to see it presented too. I'm curious what the future ADs will be.

    @ Cammalily - on my skin, if I am not careful, green looks can actually bring out the redness in my cheeks. That being said, I'm still a sucker for greens.

    @Blogging - Isn't the eye primer great! I hope you enjoy all your goodies!!

  5. The new eyeprimer wins in two ways, the first being the packaging (huge amounts, no clicking!) and that it can work as it's own base, like I said, if you're short on time, that plus a good highlight color and a quick liner and voom, a nice looking eye without a lot of effort. Basically the look suggested in the TSV, sometimes I don't always agree with their suggested looks and modify it for my face/skin tone, but this one was v. nice.



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