Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sephora collection I. T. brush

I don't know what possessed me to purchase this brush.  I was at Sephora in Union Square, SF and was looking around to see what was new.  I was in a brush buying mood because for some reason, I couldn't find any of my spare eye shadow brushes before I left LA.  I didn't end up buying an eye shadow brush, but since using the Natural Foundation brush, I want to try their eye shadow brushes too.

I think when I saw this brush, my train of thought went something like this "It looks almost exactly like that Cover FX brush.  Oh, it's a few dollars cheaper.  I should get it and try it out!  But I have so many brushes already..."

I ended up buying it because the display in the store didn't have any open brushes I could touch.  So my only option was to buy it to try it.

The brush head looks really similar in shape and density to the Cover FX brush I have.  Both are Goat hair.
The bristles in the I.T. brush are much, much softer though.  They are also soft enough that the redness in my cheeks hasn't returned.  I'll have to use the brush for a few more weeks to see if this remains the case.

Shedding has not been an issue at all both before and after washing.  I definitely recommend giving the brush a good, thorough wash before you use it though because some of the black dye rinses out.

It comes with a little cap so that when you travel with the brush, the bristles are protected.  Don't dry the brush with the cover on though because it's not vented.  You'll ruin the brush if you do that.  The cap also allows the brush to stand up on its own, which I think is super cute.

The finish this brush gives is really similar to the Beauty Blender.  In fact, I can't see a difference between the two finishes.   My makeup still stays on all day and looks really nice and natural.  I don't see any chalky tones that you can get with mineral makeup if you don't blend enough.

I highly, highly recommend this brush to anyone still looking for the perfect foundation brush.  I have yet to find a brush that stays as soft as this one.  This brush gives flawless coverage without much effort, and it also is very light, and easy to travel with.

This brush marks the end of my Beauty Blender experiment.  I liked this brush so much that I returned the Beauty Blender set.   I don't think that the Beauty Blender is a financially viable option for me because you have to replace them every few months.  Brushes, when you take good care of them, last for years.  Not only that, it's likely that my current mini breakout was caused by the Beauty Blender.  So hopefully, those will start to fade soon too.

Cost: $36, more expensive than BE brushes and $2 less than the Cover FX brush.  I really believe that with brushes, you get what you pay for, and this brush is a perfect example of that. The most frequent complaint I hear about BE brushes is that they are scratchy.  They also cost a fraction of what this brush costs.  This brush is not scratchy, there's minimal shedding if any, you get a flawless finish with little effort, and it's probably going to be good for you if you have any sort of skin condition.   I cannot recommend this brush highly enough.

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  1. That's awesome. I love the brush covering for travel purposes.



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