Sunday, June 27, 2010

Haul time!

I have a medium sized haul to share today.  I purchased a few things recently and it all came around the same time.

My Friends and Family sale order was stuck in Rancho Cucomonga all week.  I was certain I wasn't going to get it until next week, but it showed up on Saturday! 

I got the Jewel Collection!  This kit originally was an Ulta exclusive, so I didn't even consider it when it came out over the holidays, but now BE is selling whatever quantities they have left directly on their website, but at list price.  I've heard that some Ultas have it on sale for $39, so if you live near and Ulta, check there first.

The swatches below were taken with a flash, but I think they turned out pretty true to real life. 
It's such a pretty kit.  I don't have any BE colors that look quite like Yellow Sapphire, Smokey Amber, or Citrine Radiance.  Each color is infused with the gem it's named after.  I didn't swatch the gloss because I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it or sell it and it looks like it would be more of a fall color than a summer color.

I'll post a picture of the look later.

To get free shipping, I also ordered the Mystical Eye Quickies, which were on sale for $14-something.  I haven't opened it yet, so I don't have swatches for you right now.  I also noticed it's not available on the website anymore.  It might pop up at an outlet, if you live near one, and I think the colors may be available individually.

The kit contains Mystery and Masquerade eye colors.

Supposedly, you swipe a sheer layer of the quickie color over whatever eye color you're wearing and it "transforms" the look.

I'm not 100% sure what that means yet, but I'll get back to you as soon as I have time to play around with these.

I also went to Sephora today to get the Inside Scoop kit.

Online, it's a Beauty Inside only kit, which means you can't add it to your card unless you log in.

It's only $25, which is an extremely good deal because the eye primer you get in the kit contains the same amount of product as the click pen, the liner is full size, and the eye color is full size.

The eye color is a high shine color.  It looks very similar to high shine sand dune, but it's clearly a lighter yellow, where as sand dune is more of a brown color.

I haven't swatched it yet, but I'm excited to try it out.  High shine gold medal looks like it would go really well with the colors in the Jewel collection.

I also tried out the Urban Decay Deslick setting spray today.  I sprayed it on my face around 4 pm, and I was already a little oily.  It seems to have slowed down the oil production on my face...but I'm having a hard time deciding.  I may need to purchase a bottle so that I can test it for an entire day.....

I almost bought it actually.  I thought it was $18, then the SA told me it was $29!!!  Too expensive for an impulse buy.  I'll have to think about it some more.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!


  1. You have good taste! I ordered the Jewels collecton as well.

    I picked up that quickie set last year at the outlet and, to be honest, I just wear them on their own. They aren't sheer like the other quickies I have, but they are very pretty.

  2. Great haul, and even better descriptions! I've been stalking Inside Scoop. I hadn't put two and two together to come up with the fact that the primer is the same size as the wand. Great observation. I bet that will help push many lurkers over the edge.

  3. The jewel collection is gorgeous, I loved the total look. Even more, the liner brush is completely new and it amazing. My favorite next to the s.f. liner.

  4. @ Sharilyn - :) I love this kit so much . I've worn it almost every day this week! I don't have the other quickies. I should have gotten those too.

    @ PQC - So good to see you here!

    @ amireal - I haven't tried the liner brush yet! Thank you for pointing it out to me!



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