Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Inside Scoop kit active

The Inside Scoop kit is active.  Sephora's website has been down for a few hours, but we can all go an order it now. 

Personally, I've spent so much on BE the last few days, I'm having second thoughts about the kit.  I'm gonna wait a week or so and see if I really still want it (the collector in me says YES).

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  1. heyy connie!
    i was just scanning through your posts... and wow.. you're a mineral makeup junkie.. what do you think of bareminerals products??? i have a friend who bought bareminerals' face powder and she thought it was so-so.. how about you?? what do you think of their eye shadows??
    i actually don't think i've bought mineral makeup before.. ok wait.. nevermind i lied.. i have a few mac mineralized skin finish powders that i use to set my concealer and foundation.. but honestly, other than for setting, i don't see a difference - maybe im just so blind or a newb that i don't see the difference.. =|

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment and subscribing, Michelle! Please tell your friends about my blog too!

    I really love bare minerals now that they have the matte foundation formula. Now it's a perfect color match, long lasting oil control, everything a girl wants in her foundation!

    Before it came out last summer I was bouncing around from brand to brand because nothing worked for me.

    Their eye shadows are great too, but I try not to travel with them because I don't want to have any accidents! They're super blendable and pigmented, even though sometimes I have trouble capturing the color on camera.

    I haven't tried mac's MSFs because they look too shiny for my face and I have super oily skin. I do really like their mineral blushes though. Do you remember the grand duo collection? I only got intenso because everything else I wanted had sold out by the time I got to a mac counter.



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