Monday, July 12, 2010

How I stopped myself from buying blush today!

One of the sales on HauteLook right now is Rock & Republic beauty.  They have some super cute blushes that I really wanted to buy.  I thought about it for a long time, then decided to see what I have.
So this is my blush collection!  It's quite small because I'm quite picky about blushes.  The blushes didn't photograph that well, so I decided to swatch them for you all to see.  I forgot one of my blushes for sure.  I'll have to swatch that another time.

Check them out after the jump!

I didn't realize before I did this little project that I only owned 10 blushes from BE.
Most of them actually came in kits.  Only 9 are pictured because I forgot to swatch precious pearl blush.  Lovely, cheerful, poppy, and vintage peach are currently available as singles at boutiques and online. Rosy topaz is almost a radiance giving how shimmery it was, but the camera didn't capture it.  I didn't realize that hush-hush had a sheen to it either!  It really fairly matte on my skin.  I also discovered that I hadn't even used vintage pearl.  The sticker seal was still on it.  hehe.
These are swatches from my three blush compacts.  Top to bottom corresponds to left to right in the first picture.  Of the three, only the laura mercier blush is still available.   My favorite of these is too faced Avant-Garde.  The texture is so smooth and creamy (the left side is only so-so on it's own).  It's very easy to pick up with my brush.  The laura mercier blush is a really pretty color, but is really difficult to pick up with my brush.  I always waste a lot trying to get it to stick to my brush. I really like MAC Intenso, but it can be too shimmery sometimes.  It's the most pigmented blush I own as well.
At the moment, my two most loved blushes are pink tourmaline and Avant-Garde.  But that changes with the season and my mood.  I'm going to have to give vintage pearl a go one of these days too!

I'm sorry so many of my blushes are unavailable as singles.  I hope I didn't tempt anyone too much.


  1. What a beautiful blush collection. They all look like pretty pinky peach.

  2. Right now, my favorite is Pink Tourmaline! I'm actually looking to get a back up since it's so flattering on my skin tone. :)

  3. Hi I couldn't find any of the blush if you have one that you haven't use can u sale one for me? I really love there blush



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