Monday, August 30, 2010

I want part of this promo!

Sephora has a great Ole Henriksen sample promotion right now.  There are two new additions to the "Truth" line and you can get deluxe samples of both items with the code TRUTHSERUM.  I desperately want to take advantage of this promo, but I can't right now.  Darn.

I actually already have the full size Truth is in the Eyes Peel Concentrate, (got it during the VIB appreciation weekend) but I've only been using it for two weeks, and you're supposed to really ease into it.  I feel like my dark circles are a little lighter, but my main goal is to try to get rid of milia around my eye area and I haven't seen a difference there yet.  The concentrate is a very thin, clear gel; a little goes quite a long way.  You don't even have to squeeze the tube hard to get a tiny little drop.  I can't find my camera cable right now or else I'd take some pictures of it for you all.

I don't experience any tingling or burning, but if you're sensitive to AHAs, don't use this gel.

You're supposed to use some sort of sunscreen around your eyes with this.  BE has SPF 15, and I also have some SPF20 Well Rested that I mix with foundation to conceal my dark circles.  That seems to work really well, and I feel like I'm adequately protecting my eye area.  You're also supposed to use a protective cream with it.  I think that just means to stay moisturized, but I'm not sure.   So far, I've been just trying to stay moisturized, and it seems to be working fine.

So far I like the gel, but I won't be able to form a firm opinion on it for probably another month or so.

If anyone's tried the Truth Revealed Super Creme, please tell me what you think!

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