Thursday, September 9, 2010

BE on QVC this weekend

BE is on QVC this weekend.  There's going to be a third Customer Blends kit, but the item isn't active yet, so I can't link it here.  I love those kits though.

I received an email from QVC showing a few items that are already active, including the Ultimate Grand Collection.
This collection appears to contain a matte foundation and an original foundation as well as two matte eye colors that their corresponding shimmery colors.  I'm not getting this collection, but I'm curious to hear the sales pitch since the kit contains both foundation formulas.  I'm also wondering what the email meant by "Exclusive to QVC until 9.1.2011."  Are they referring to the entire kit?  Or just the eye colors?  I doubt they'll explain it in the presentation, but I bet someone on a BE message board will talk about it.

The other item in the email that was interesting to me was the new mineral veil compact.  It's coming with a small retractable buki brush.  I find that on my face, mineral veil looks better when I apply it with a duo fiber brush.  So I am looking for a pocket size duo fiber brush in case I decide I want this compact. 

I'm not going to get this during the QVC shows this time though.  I'm going to wait until I see it in person at a boutique.  I heard that some version of the compact and a brush is going to be available in boutiques during the holidays, but I'm not 100% sure that it's a fact yet. 

BE is going to be on QVC Saturday, Sunday and Monday, but there's a bunch of shows.  You can find show times listed here

I want to hear what you all get! (If anything)

Photo credit: QVC email

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