Monday, September 20, 2010

Mini Haul

I've got a tiny haul to share with you guys.  The last time BE was on QVC, I purchased the 3rd customer blends set and the SF kit.  The customer blends kit wasn't even a question for me.  I love these sets so much.  I love that BE takes suggestions from customers of colors to mix up.  

I swatched the collection next to set 1 and 2. 

I also finally caved and got the SF kit because I caught it when it was a One Time Only deal.  I think I paid something like $25 for it.  The original price was $40 or so, which I just couldn't justify.  The first time the kit was presented on QVC, the price was around $36, so I know I got a great deal here!

Here are the swatches for the shadow.  North beach looks nude on my hand, but is really a baby pink when I wear it on my eyes.  Cable car is really unique too.  I expected it to be just like any other brown, but it's truly a rusty brown.  I don't have any BE shadows that look like it actually.  It's not so red that it looks crazy when you wear it, but it's not a true brown either. 
There's kind of a funny story behind my SF kit purchase.  It was an OTO kind of early in the morning - 9 am PST or so - and I was still asleep.    I got an excited sounding text message from my friend announcing to me that the SF kit was an OTO and I promptly got out of bed and ordered it.  My friend then called me to make sure I found the kit and that I got it.  hehe. It's a good thing too!  The kit sold out before the end of the hour. 

I wore the SF kit today, but forgot to take a picture!  Darn it!  I am going to wear it again tomorrow and take a picture!

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