Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 favorites

Since it's the end of the year, I thought I'd do what ever other blogger is doing.  I'm posting my 2010 favorites.  There aren't too many.  I pulled out maybe 15 items from my collection that I used this yera and was going to post all 15, but realized that I actually didn't love all of them equally.  Can you believe this post took me two days to compose?  It's what happens when you have a cold I suppose - everything is all groggy. 

Now that I'm considering my beauty purchases over the year, I'm actually pretty pleased with myself.  I returned several purchases that just didn't suit me and when I did purchase things, I tried to only purchase during sales and using ebates/fatwallet to get cashback.

The only things I regretted purchasing were the Book of Shadows II (January) and the Alice in Wonderland palette (February).  I should have only gotten one of them.  I think if I did it over, I'd only get the Alice palette.  I almost never use BOS II.

Now, on to the list!  Click through, you know you want to. 

1. Ole Henriksen Firm Action Mask.

I really like this mask.  I started off using it once a week and washing it of with the clarisonic.  On my skin it really shrinks and cleans out pores.  A few times I also saw whiteheads sticking out so far I could pull them out without squeezing or using an extractor. 

When I was sick over the summer I also discovered that the mask is really good as a spot treatment.  I would put a dab of the mask on a pimple and it would dry up and disappear much faster than with any other treatment or mask I've tried.  Since my skin is so oily, I haven't noticed any drying out.  The scent is pleasant, but I can see it being overpowering if you are sensitive.

2. Clarins Instant Sunlight Palette
I saw a few reviews of this palette and instantly decided I needed to have it.  It's a beautiful, natural look that's really perfect for the summer.  It's the only thing I've purchased where I actually went into the store looking for a back up!  But it sold out rather quickly. 

3. Dior DiorShow Maximizer Lash Plumping serum

It was kind of hard to get a good picture of this in my little white box....given that the tube is...white.  hehe. 

I just started using this in November.  It's a lash primer, but unlike other primers, it doesn't have a lot of stringy pieces that are supposed to "lengthen" your lashes.  It also dries quickly.  I use it about 5x a week, or in other words, every day I use mascara.  The best way to use it seems to be to put on a coat, let it dry, then apply mascara. 

My eye lids are incredibly oily and even waterproof mascara would lead to raccoon eyes.  But with this primer underneath, I have barely had any smudging problems at all.  Even better, I noticed a HUGE eye lash a few days ago.  Much longer than the others.  I'm hoping that this primer will lead to more lash growth!

4. Lipstick/Gloss duo from the Buzzworthy kit (BE)

I really love this lipstick/gloss duo idea.  The kit came out in late winter/early spring, so I didn't use this duo too much until recently.  It's a perfect color combo for the winter.  I am hoping that they come out with more of these since they're so convenient.  It's only 1 tube that you'd have to toss in your purse!  And if you had more of these, you could potentially switch out the lipsticks depending on your mood. 

QVC has two more color combos you can check out.  One is Cream/Biscotti and the other is Ripe Fig/Strawberry.  I'm hoping that some time next year, these will show up in boutiques or at Sephora.


  1. love reading about everyone's 2010 favourites! the ole henriksen line always intrigues me but the price tag is so displeasing :( maybe i should try out their value sets sometime!

    happy new year!! :)

  2. Jenny, if you go to or Ole, they both sell a mini version of the 3 little wonders kit for $35. The mini version lasted me about 3 weeks.

  3. The full size kit is definitely a better value even at $70.

  4. the Clarins palette looks gorgeous... reminds me of coffee... somehow



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