Friday, December 31, 2010

Some extra Christmas cheer!

I got a few late xmas presents today that I'm super excited about!  I'm trying to take better pictures so I've been playing with a homemade white box.  Let me know what you think of these pictures.  They look a little grey on my computer.

The first were these 4 nail polishes.  I also got a lovely scarf in the same package, but it's too pretty to take out of the package right now.  The colors I got were (from left to right) Bare to be different, Leaf him at the alter, What's your point-setta, and How cute is that?. 

I also got Sweet Sparklers in the mail.  I've been wanting more lip products.  They're so cute and tiny.  I kind of wish that BE had made these into those lipstick/gloss duos I talked about in my last post, but these are so cute, I can't complain. 
I can't wait to try these when I get better!

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